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To set your company, products, and brand apart from the competitors.

Did you know that 48% of customers want companies to understand them and help them discover new goods or services? This is based on brand trust, and customers will start to trust your brand when they recognise and interact with your brand.


We're a team of creatives who are excited about unique ideas.

We help lifestyle-inspired businesses engage customers and express their brand culture via creativity and design while connecting brands with people through their aspirations such as goods, services and experiences that embrace their lifestyle and culture.


Brand Strategy & Art Direction

Creative direction is the brand development area that works with brand ideas.

Logos, advertising campaigns, and other marketing materials are created from the ideas.


Photography & Video Production

Branding and purpose communication need high-quality corporate photos and videos.

They’re a fantastic method to engage your team with video material.


Graphic Design & Website Design

Create graphics, typography, graphs, and pictures to deliver brand messaging.

Create a connection between your brand and the rest of the world.


Marketing Campaigns & Content Creation

Keeping up with your audience.

With our full-service social media management, we can help your company flourish online over time.


Customer feedback on our services.

Vincent, Founder of

Coliseum Fitness

Very simple, a lot of fun, and even uplifting at times!

They carefully examined each brand element to seek feedback and refine them to perfection, all the while preventing any possibility of misunderstanding.

Matt, Founder of

Omega Pork Noodle

Obviously, it wasn’t the most cost-effective option, but quality and communication were the most important considerations for me.


Working with this team was a delight because they were helpful and understanding.

Kim, Founder of

Kimmunho Design

I feel sorry that I kept asking them questions and asking revisions, haha.

They’ve always been pleasant and quick to react, and the work they’ve done is truly remarkable.

I can’t say enough good things about them! I appreciate everything they did for my brand.

Creative Services

Our areas of experties elevate your brand.

Branding Design

Create a distinct identity in comparison to other brands in the market while also providing impetus to brand recognition.

Website Design & Development

Website is your brand's face. It is one of the best ways to get more customers. Inspire confidence in your clients with our web design solutions.

Photography & Videography

Helping prospective clients picture your goods and services.
Stand out from the rest of the pack by using eye-catching images and videos.

Social Media Marketing

Expand your brand's visibility by creating content that centred on your customers.
Create engaging content to showcase your abilities and brand.

Influencer Marketing

Using influencers to reach new audiences, amplify brand messages, and create reputation and trust.
Influencer marketing helps drive traffic and increase conversions.


Brand speaks for itself.

You are about to discover your brand’s full potential.

Brand Strategy

A well-defined and implemented brand strategy has a direct impact on consumer demands, emotions, and market competition, impacting all aspects of a business.

Brand Design & Asset

Key brand elements like the logo, color scheme, typography, and other design elements set a brand apart from competitors and make it recognizable to consumers.

Brand Content

Creating content that is directly linked to a brand, allowing consumers to make a connection with it.

A brand is a promise.

A good brand is a promise kept.

Step 1.

Brand Consultation & Brand Strategy preparing.

Our creative process is repetitive and results in a narrowing of focus over time. Every phase of a successful design process depends on gathering the proper information and ensuring that it is in line with the aims. Every project we work on follows its own path via the creative process.

Step 2.

Brand Design & Visual Identity Set Up.

When designing your identity, you must develop a comprehensive visual language that can be applied to everything from your website to your packaging. Depending on your brand, the type of content you intend to create may be more diverse.

Step 3.

Brand Asset, preparing for your marketing activity.

Sway the brand name has in the minds of consumers, as well as the value of having a brand that is easily identifiable and well remembered. We also advise you to create a brand guideline or brand bible. This will ensure that your brand remains consistent as your company grows.

Step 4.

Build Awareness through Brand Content.

Creating content that is directly related to a brand and allows consumers to connect with it. Increase brand awareness while also developing a strong brand perception. Engage your audience and increase brand recognition.

Frequently Ask Question

How do I know we’re a good match for each other?

Take a peek at my portfolio of graphic design work. Is that in the general style you’re looking for?

Or we can communicate over the phone, using virtual-meeting, to discuss more what can we potentially collaborate.

How long does it take to complete a branding project?

It takes me anywhere from 3 weeks for a logo project to 3 months for a basic brand identity package including a few other pieces of collateral, depending on the number of deliverables involved.

How can I be sure I’ll like what you design?

Before anything is designed, a branding project requires a lot of information gathering: notes and conversations with you, as well as analyzing visual representations to gather your opinion. We’ll talk about your company’s history, objectives, target audience, rivals, brand personality, and more. This will provide parameters and serve as a guide for the design process. You can be confident that your brand identity will be something you enjoy because you were part of creating those guidelines.

Can you help me determine what I need?

It’s fine if you’re not sure what you want. I appreciate working with clients to discover out what they need to reach their objectives. This is accomplished by acquiring a thorough awareness of your situation and budgetary concerns.


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We’re a team of creatives who are excited about unique ideas and help companies to create amazing identity by crafting top-notch brand experiences.

Brand Freebies

Your Branding Made Simple

The Brand Freebies is consists of the

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  • Business Canva Model
  • November Social Media Calendar

The step-by-step approach to establishing and growing your brand. Take the time to get to know your brand so you can stand out from the crowd.

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Handcraft | Branding Design | Kimmunho Design

Kimmunho Design produces high-quality fashion accessories at a reasonable price. They make delicate rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Kimmunho Design has something for every style. Handmade is...
  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy

  • Design

    Art Direction, Market Research

  • Client

    Kimmunho Design

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Paper Filter Coffee | Product Photography | The Coffee Code Roastery Workshop

Coffee in a mug never tasted so good. The Coffee Code Roastery Workshop had introduced the Paper Filter Coffee pack.  With the paper filter, you can...
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    Brand Strategy, Market Research

  • Design

    Photography, Videography

  • Client

    The Coffee Code Roastery Workshop

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Pure Collagen Facial Mask | Product Showreel | Ceramine

Ceramine – Pure Collagen Mask With advanced technology, Ceramine Collagen Mask contains collagen derived from the collagen-rich source. After mixing all ingredients in the formula, cover...
  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, Market Research

  • Design

    Photography, Videography

  • Client


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Beverage | Tea Poster | Pin Tea

The idea is to enable the poster to be displayed as individual pieces or may put together as a complete piece.
  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy

  • Design

    Art Direction

  • Client

    Pin Tea

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